Head of School's Welcome,

“New Life” was established/founded on 20th June 1986 by Rev. P.N. Patel under guidance and vision of God with concept to provide education to all section of society in a different innovative and affable learning environment. This institution is name as “New Life” with concept of giving the student new knowledge, new spirit, new wisdom, new understanding, new thinking, new value, new vision and new dimension to their student life, to shape their future, enabling the student to go for better carrier and to stand in the age of competition living a good and respectable life and to be a good citizen of India. We’re not merely interested for bookish knowledge but we aim to instill thought as thoughtfulness, humanity, equality and citizenship. We also inculcate social and moral values in their young mind to shine in all sphere of the life. We always strive hard to achieve our goal. We are happily their parents good enough to trust us to shape their little ones, our motto is “Live to Serve”.

          When Rev. P.N. Patel came to the Janakpur for the first time in the year 1980 it was hard to survive here, inspite of all the odds he visited almost all the surrounding villages for six years door to door, meeting personally, understanding their problems, their needs and their demand. He found out that (lack of education) illiteracy which was  90% was the biggest problem and need of education is the biggest demand and so with his wife Mrs. J.P. Patel decided and dedicated themselves for the emancipation of the society by opening a first English medium school because they knew that the light of education is the only mean to remove the darkness of social evil and illiteracy.

          However to start the first batch they were able to collect 20 students from the different villages, hurdles and hindrance were a lot but was unable  to stop them. They never gave up hope; it’s there strenuous and continuous effort that the total strength has reached to one thousand. It is  also through the help of educated, skilled and dedicated staff members,Who made and are making our dream true. We feel proud to say that a small educational institute has produced 30 doctors, 80 engineers, junior scientists, army man, professor, teachers, running company business and many more good carriers, none of our student are unemployed. our real aim is to prepare and give our students a bright future.   




Rev P.N. Patel

Our Philosophy

The philosophy is to work and to serve with the motto ‘’live to serve ‘’and serve the society and humanity to reach all the section of the people and work for the emancipation of the society, giving quality education to raise the respectable citizen of India.

Our History

New life English high school started it’s early days in year 1986 in the patel’s disused hen-house, 20 village children spent their first school days sitting cross legged on dirt floor writing ABC on their small slate although conditions for the students were hard it made it for them to study some of the children sat on jute mats that covered the cold stone floor and hard dirt ground of the clean room some sat on the drafty verandah floor it’s all their struggle and triumphs that made student and new life a successful story.

Thanks to the family friends with their help we were able to build  classroom for the NLEHS and a boarding hostel for students who come from upto 200 km away.


The director (chair person) of the institution Mr. P.N Patel yearned to live in the remote tribal area where he could assist the poor and needy at a grassroots level so, he left the safe ground of Emannuel hospital and moved to the remote tribal region of surguja (M.P.) new koriya (C.G.) in central idea but when Mr. Patel arrived in janakpur with his bedroll and suitcase he was refused to be given a room. Patel spent his first two weeks sleeping a top a wooden bench at tea stand on dusty main street. then he found a room but had to pay 3 times the normal rental all the circumstances was against him but his faith and zeal kept his spirit up. Money was running low and he’d have to leave janakpur, then a local man heard his story sold him a small piece of land on the outskirt of janakpur. He built a simple mudwood hut and spent his days visiting the surrounding villages. Later got married to Mrs. J.P. Patel and after two year with her strong support together they started a first English medium school. Although the journey was not easy but step by step together they overcame all the odds. To give a society a better place to live in.