Mr. P.N. Patel


He is the founder of Samaj Sewa Samiti, Janakpur and president of executive Board committee and director of New Life English High School, working since 1988, in Janakpur Chhattisgarh making the dry, arid region to bloom by planting the seeds of knowledge, love, fraternity, joy and hope. His commitment and dedication to this work is real source of inspiration to all. His hard work and perseverance proves that every thing can be made possible by tireless effort and love and compassion.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy is to work and to serve with the motto ‘’live to serve ‘’and serve the society and humanity to reach all the section of the people and work for the emancipation of the society, giving quality education to raise the respectable citizen of India.

Acting Principal



Mrs. J.P. Patel is a principal and Co-founder of New Life English High School also member of executive Board Committee, holding top most leadership for three decades. She is the pioneer to start the school to give better quality education to children of rural area, who were deprived of there right to education. She laid the foundation stone of institution in 1985. She has been involved in teaching, preaching, and Mission counseling. She had  advanced leadership training from Singapore. She is fully dedicated and committed in serving the humanity, till now nothing could hinder her path in making progress and advancement for the betterment of society.

Acting Vice-Principal

Ms.Aradhna Patel


Ms. Aradhna Patel, Vice principal of  New Life English High School, very keen and active board member of School and church, involved in many facets of institution in expansion and growth. She is a lecture, preacher, writer and top leader of institute, a real and motivational source of inspiration to children and youth. She left lucrative job options, finally decided to settle in rural area for the emancipation of all section of society. Her sole aim is to make a world better place to live in, she is not only confined to school and hostel affairs but also step out for social welfare and religious programmes to find and save the lost soul and to help those in needs and troubles. Her life  commitment to the children and society is highly admired.


Mr.Daniel Patel

Mr. Daniel Patel, manager of New Life English High School, a member of executive member of board, a young, vibrant leader, an entrepreneur risk taker for the advancement and improvement in his work, passionate to bring change in society in field of education and employment and rural up lifting. He denied the several offers to work in multinational company and came back to outskirt of C.G. to serve the humanity at the ground level, bringing drastic change in this area. He has boundless energy and tremendous drive to achieve what he plans and goal to do.