Boys Hostel

We are running two separate hostel for Primary and High school boys in same campus under control supervision of two Hostel warden.


-We provide safe , secure and healthy environment for every child.

-We give freshly cook,healthy and balance diet ensuring their proper physical and mental growth.

-Two free extra tuition classes are given for every child where assisting teacher help the child to complete their homework and solve their problem in studies.

-We also give moral education  to inculcate  moral value and make them more thoughtful as a being.

-There are several competition held for all round development, to built their confidence, every child is given opportunity to come forward.

- After school sport time for all the students.

-Morning is Exercise time for every child, to keep them in sound body and sound mind.

-We also maintain special care for their health and hygiene.

-24 hours medical help facility in case ,immediately doctor is consulted.

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