About us

Welcome to Samaj Sewa Samitee, Making difference in the life of people since 1988. It’s our pleasure to share our work in this rural area, with you via the web. It is registered with the Indian Government and is a charitable organization. Its motto is “Live to Serve”. The sole purpose of Samaj Sewa Samitee is to instill the hope in the heart of people and ignite the flame of Knowledge, Self respect, Love & Fratenity. We aim to bring difference in life of the people in need, through selfless service, respect ,compassion & love for have-nots and those having difficulty coping with the simple things in life. Altogether we are determined to improve social, economical and intellectual level of all those who are poor, oppressed, needy and in sorrow.Its just a small step to make them smile.

Samaj Sewa Samitee was founded by Rev. P.N. Patel in 1988 it is totally self funded, receiving no financial assistance from the government. As there are many social problems, the pendulum has again swing toward voluntary effort even the government has realized the role & potentiality of this and assigning in the place in the process of development providing care & support within the communities to vulnerable children, men and women is a social work priority. Local strategies have been developed to impact positively on people lives in the communities where they live & belong to. Samaj Sewa Samitee in accelerating the effort to reach the outreach and work for rural development.


It is fully recognize and registered body by Indian Government in the year 1988. It is charitable organization any donation given to this organization is exempted from income tax under Sub-section (5) of section 80 G. 

Vision & Goals  

The vision and goals of Samaj Sewa Samitee are as:-

  • To reach the outreach.

  • To promote awareness of social and educational needs for men, women and children, using modern technology.

  • To organize and set up rural medical centers to facilitate preventive and medical care.

  • To arrange adult literacy centers.

  • To focuses on all section of society that have not been given opportunities to rise & shine.

  • To organize and setup social welfare centers in underprivileged village.

  • To encourage and motivate unemployed section of social in self employed activities such as candle making, incense making, soap and detergent making, phenyl making…

  • To help the weaker section of the people, irrespective of race, religion caste for their moral spiritual and socio-economic upliftment.

  • To provide assistance and facilities in order to achieve the objects by granting free education, opening children home, orphanages on charitable basis.

  • To provide financial assistance to needy destitute engaged by the organization.

  • Samaj Sewa Samitee is committed toward its vision and goals.

  • To conduct seminars and workshops for the exchange of ideas and to establish social transformation centers.


Live to Serve” its motto is to “serve the society” through providing affordable education, boarding, medical assistance, social work, free residential school for needy, poor and orphans, it works for the betterment of life and society.


Rev P. N. Patel 

Director of Samaj Sewa Samitee


New Life English School

Janakpur-497778 INDIA


Live to Serve